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PRP TREATMENT (Platelet Rich Plasma) available now in Brighton and Hove

Our latest second generation PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an effective treatment that can address male pattern baldness, stimulate the growth of hair transplants and enhance other cosmetic procedures. Now available in Brighton and Hove, this treatment has proven to be really efficient as Platelet activation plays a key role in the body’s natural healing process.

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PRP Treatment and procedure

Skin changes caused by natural aging process and several environmental factors.

We can return our skin to be healthier and younger.

PRP treatment has a remarkable effect on anti-aging, skin regeneration and hair loss.

PRP treatment process is very simple:


  1. Drawing blood from the patient
  2. The PRP is from your own cells and eliminate any possible of side effects
  3. Placing in centrifuge
  4. Extracting PRP
  5. Injecting PRP into damaged skin area or hair loss area

Our blood contains, red blood cell, white blood cell and platelets, especially platelets contain substances called Growth Factor (GF) that activate and rejuvenate cells in the body.

After drawing blood from the patient and placing in centrifuge, blood is divided into 3 layers.

PRP contains a lot of growth factors which stimulate proliferation of fibroblasts and collagen increases to rejuvenate the skin.

PRP therapy is only available with your own blood, it is extremely safe without any allergic reaction or infection.

Facial Rejuvenation
Wrinkle of skin on the neck
Wrinkle around the eyes
Acne Scars
Backs of hands and arms
Scar Revision
Improve your self confidence

2nd generation PRP treatment is uniquely designed FOR you! 
Suitable for both men and women

SECOND GENERATION PRP PLATELET-RICH PLASMA (PRP) is a recent breakthrough that has gained tremendous momentum in the fields of esthetics, traumatology, rheumatology and surgery. 

Autologous Treatment frees up multiple growth factors (including TGF-ß, b FGF, PDG Fa-b, EGF, VEGF, CTGF) promoting cellular regeneration if given in sufficient quantity and concentration (no concentration limit, from x6 to x14 and more as you can add platelets harvested from a second blood sample of the same patient) to obtain clear and reproducible results. 

The major disadvantage of all existing devices, from simple tubes to the most sophisticated and expensive automatic machines, is that it is impossible for the practitioner to estimate the number of platelets contained in the sample. For these reasons, this important parameter, depending on the patient’s constitution and state of health, is consistently ignored. Only the WorldPRP kit allows you to visualize, in a spectacular way, this platelet cloud on the surface of the red blood cells. This allows you to decide whether you need to take a second sample and easily double the number of platelets and the concentration of your PRP. 

Finally, the paramount efficiency factor is nothing but the number of platelets released. This data is obtained directly by multiplying the RSI by the volume of the PRP. It allows an objective comparison of the true performance of any device against each other. Our Medium PRP has an index of 18.10; a conventional gel tube 4.76, which is nearly four times as many platelet factors released. 

The PRP is from your own cells and eliminate any possible of side effects.

The beneficial effects gradually occur after 2 weeks of therapy and the results typically last 1 year or longer.

The procedure normally takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Full costing for the products and laser treatments are explained at your consultation visit and the patient is under no obligation to make any decisions at that time. We always encourage people to consider the information before embarking on any course of treatment, although it is usually possible to start treatment at the same visit is so desired by the patient.

Price List  Cost  Course of 3
Consultation (free if you start treatment)  £100
PRP  £700 £1,200
Simon G (Hove)

I first came to Shadi Danin a couple of years ago and had my hair removed from my back, after seven treatments it is gone, a year later I decided to have my chest and stomach done and I cannot believe the results, I use to look like a gorilla and now I have a lovely hairless body. Thanks you are the best x

, PRP Treatments Face


 Every four weeks to six weeks, six to twelve treatments is needed to get satisfactory results.

Hair regrowth occurs at different rates on different areas of the body. New hair growth will not occur for at least three weeks after treatment. Anywhere from 5 to 19 days after the treatment, shedding of the surface hair may occur and this appears as new hair growth. This is NOT new hair growth.


A small amount of blood will be drawn from you, while it is being prepared, your skin will be prepared and cleansed for treatment. The procedure is quick and relatively painless and does not require post procedure care or time off.

Some mild redness, swelling or bruising should fade away within one to three days.

Make up can be applied immediately after the treatment.


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