DHT Shampoo


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This Scripts Shampoo is different from other hair and scalp cleansing products as it is scientifically formulated without harmful chemicals such as DEA and SLS. Its active ingredients include a blend of mild and non-irritating cleansing agents with water-soluble polymers that help moisturize and add shine to the hair. This shampoo is a gentle cleanser, making it suitable for everyday use. Its unique formula effectively removes unwanted scalp residue and build-up while also providing strength, moisture, and shine to the hair.


  • Formulated without DEA and SLS, which are potentially harmful chemicals found in many other hair cleansing products
  • Contains a blend of mild, non-irritating cleansing agents and water-soluble polymers
  • Provides moisture and added shine to the hair without harsh chemical additives
  • Gentle enough for everyday use
  • Effectively removes scalp residue and build-up
  • Provides strength, moisture, and shine to the hair.