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Laser Hair Restoration in Brighton and Hove

Stop hair loss, thinning and balding. Re-grow your own hair

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No Loss: Over 80% of men and 40% of women suffer with some sort of hair loss throughout their lives. If you don’t currently suffer from hair loss and want to ensure that you never will, a simple maintenance programme using the Halo Elite will keep your hair strong and thick and expel any worry of future hair loss.

Stage 1: If your hair loss is similar to stage1 you are the perfect candidate for laser hair restoration. You will regain your hair line and your hair will become thicker, denser and stronger and any further hair loss will stop immediately, followed by an easy maintenance program to put a stop to your hair loss for good.

Stage 2: If your hair loss is similar to stage 2, your area also a great candidate for laser hair restoration. Your hair will become thicker, denser and stronger as your hair line gradually starts to move forward closer to its natural position, followed by an easy maintenance program to a stop to your hair loss for good.

Stage 3: If your hair loss is similar to stage 3, you can have great results following a course of laser hair restoration. Your hair will become thicker, denser and stronger as your hair line gradually starts to move forward closer to its natural position. In many cases, small bald patches will close completely throughout the treatment course, followed by an easy maintenance program to put a strop to your hair loss for good.

Stage 4: We believe that is the latest stage on Hamilton Norwood scale at which a client can be get significant results and see a substantial aesthetic improvement. Your thin and very fine hairs over your head will become thicker, denser and stronger as your hair line gradually starts to move forward closer to its natural position. In many cases a client at stage 4 regresses to stage 2 or even stage 1 following a full course of treatment.


If your hair is thinning or you suffer from hair loss, we offer a painless and effective way of re-growing your own hair.

We use a low level hair laser for painless, effective, hair restoration. Our treatment will enable you to regain your hair line and your hair will become thicker, denser and stronger. If you have bald patches, in many cases they will close up completely during the course of treatment.

The Laser stimulates dormant follicles, immediately stopping hair loss. It can restore and thicken your own hair in as little as 12 months.

This FDA approved non-surgical hair loss treatment uses a combination of low-level laser therapy and oral and topical supplements to mimic the body’s production of natural healthy hair. It’s pain-free and has no side effects, offering a genuine solution for men and women.

The only non-medication/drug based
Over 95% of patients experience re-growth
Up to 50% increase in blood flow to the scalp
100% of women had stabilisation of hair loss
Stops further hair loss almost immediately
100% of men had stabilisation of hair loss
Up to 80% increase in strength of hair
Non invasive, no surgery needed
Increased thickness of thin hair
Average 19 new hairs per cm2
Zero adverse side effects
Completely painless
Effortless treatment
Just 13 minutes per session

 Unlike other laser hair loss treatments, such as laser combs and other flat panel laser devices, our hair laser provides complete 100% coverage of the scalp ensuring even distribution of the Low Level laser energy and therefore maximum effectiveness and regrowth.

This energy then helps boost mitochondria that provide energy for cell division and reproduction whilst also vastly improving cell metabolism and blood circulation to the follicles, this increased circulation stops and then reverses follicular miniaturisation (where hair follicles shrink to a size as to restrict further hair growth).

The result of this process is increased production of keratinised cells and therefore an increase in thickness and strength of the hair.

Over 80% of men and 40% of women suffer from some kind of hair loss.

The hair laser is suitable if you suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia (Male & Female Pattern Baldness) and also for if you suffer with thinning hair. This natural hair loss treatment consists of a course of 13 minute sessions over a period of 12 months leading to hair re-growth in over 95% of patients.

The fact is, no other hair loss laser will give you equivalent results within the same time period, preventing hair loss and balding in men and women.

Full costing for the products and laser treatments are explained at your consultation visit and the patient is under no obligation to make any decisions at that time. We always encourage people to consider the information before embarking on any course of treatment, although it is usually possible to start treatment at the same visit is so desired by the patient.

There is a £100 consultation fee, free if you start treatment with us.

Consultation  FREE
Test patch  £15
Upper lip  £60
Chin  £80
Upper Lip and Chin  £110
Beard  £140
Beard and Front of Neck  £180
Sideburns  £60
Glabella (between the eyes)  £35
Full Face  £150
Neck (front) or (back)  £70
Neck (full)  £120
Shoulders  £150
Back  £190
Back and Shoulders  £290
Under arms  £90
Under arms  £90
Upper arms  £120
Lower arms  £120
Full arms  £220
Hands and Fingers  £60
Nipples  £40
Chest (includes breast and nipples)  £200
Abdomen  £180
Chest and abdomen  £290
Linea Nigra(belly button and bikini line)  £65
Bikini  £100
Pubic (full)  £150
Buttocks  £150
Upper Legs  £210
Lower Legs  £195
Full Legs  £295
Feet and Toes  £60
Pay up front for 5 treatments and get your 6th FREE.
Paola Rizzato, Brighton

Dear Shadi, Following my visit to your clinic last night, I really wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ for your help so far. I thought I ‘d write a ‘review’ so that if anyone is in my same situation they can feel reassured that there is help to be found at your clinic. I first came to see you a six months ago because I wanted to have some laser hair removal treatment done on my upper lip and chin. I had become sensitive to hair lightening creams and I was desperate to eradicate the problem for good. A friend had recommended you after she had hair removal treatment on her bikini line (which she is delighted). I started regular treatments and from the very first session you were very reassuring and confident that the treatment would work. It certainly works: my last session was over three months ago now and only now some hairs have grown back sparsely. I am looking forward to the next session because it will bring me closer to a hair-free face!!


 Laser Hair Removing work by interacting with the pigment in the hair to produce heat. A very intense beam of laser light is fired through the skin at the hair at the hair root, the dark hair becomes very hot and damages the cells that produce the hair. Fair hair and red hair can respond to the correct laser but white hairs will not since this hair colour contains very little pigment.

Electrolysis is available at ShadiDaninMedi-Spa for grey, blond and very fine hair.


 Every four weeks to six weeks, six to twelve treatments is needed to get satisfactory results.

Hair regrowth occurs at different rates on different areas of the body. New hair growth will not occur for at least three weeks after treatment. Anywhere from 5 to 19 days after the treatment, shedding of the surface hair may occur and this appears as new hair growth. This is NOT new hair growth.


 You may experience some redness which are common after treatment and will settle within a few hours. Your treated hair will fall out between treatments and we do not recommend you wax or pluck these hairs.

Avoid hot baths and heat treatments and treat the skin gently, as if you had sunburn, for the first 24 hours.


 First few days Aloe Vera Gel should be applied regularly to soothe the treatment area.

Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation or darker pigmentation. Use sunblock SP50 during summer or sunblock SP30 during the winter depending on your skin, sunblock is available here at the ShadiDaninMedi-Spa.