Skin Resurfacing with Laser CO2 SmartXide DOT in Brighton and Hove

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Are your wrinkles getting you down but the thought of going ‘under the knife’ fills you with fear?
Are your open pores, sallow and uneven complexion bothering you?
Is your skin not reflecting the way you feel inside?
Do you suffer from stretch marks due to pregnancy, weight loss or a growth spurt in your teenage years?
Do you have acne scars or any other scars that you would like to minimise to a point where you can barely see them?

What Happens Now?

These are just a few of the questions on a long list that our clients ask themselves before they come to Medi Spa Brighton & Hove. A thorough consultation will be offered with our highly skilled practitioner to ascertain if this treatment is the best option for your concerns. It is such a highly effective laser used to treat several different skin conditions and concerns.

Laser Co2 SmartXide DOT is often described as offering a facelift without surgery. The laser perforates the skin with tiny holes finer than a single human hair, causing trauma to the skin whilst resurfacing it. This combination tightens the skin, stimulates collagen and elastin production, as well as alters the surface appearance. When the skin resurfacing has completely healed between 7 to 10 days after the procedure, you will be amazed at the difference in the tone, texture and tightness of your skin. Your skin will glow with health and there will be no scarring from the procedure.

This procedure can be offered for the eyes alone, the lower face only or the whole face, neck and decolletage. Our practitioner will advise you, always keeping your concerns in mind.

Laser CO2 SmartXide DOT is also used for scarring as it carefully resurfaces the skin layer by layer and stimulates the collagen production below so the scar is being smoothed from above and below. It may take several treatments to achieve optimal results. Our practitioner at Medi Spa Brighton & Hove will advise you.

Stretch marks, old and new, can be treated with Laser CO2 SmartXide DOT. Our practitioner will advise you on how many treatments will be necessary, as it will depend on the depth of the stretch marks.

It is important to remember that you will need to have a patch test with this laser at least 24 hours prior to treatment. Your safety will always be paramount at Medi Spa Brighton & Hove. The duration of the treatment will be discussed at consultation, dependent on what area is going to be treated and you can ask as many questions as you wish. We’re always available to answer any concerns once you have finished your consultation; your call is always welcome.

You will see the full results from this procedure 3 to 6 months afterwards. The collagen takes some time to activate and it will continue to plump the skin up to 6 months after treatment.

DOT Therapy SmartXide Laser at Shadi Danin Traditional CO2 Lasers
Recovery time (3 to 5 days)  Recovery time (week or more)
Fast healing due to unique DOT pattern  Slow healing due to ‘blasting’ away layer of skin
Adjustable settings to achieve customised treatment  Traditional CO2 Lasers
Minimal discomfort  Patient discomfort and pain
No bleeding  Possible bleeding
Target various types of damage  Limited flexibility
Treat face, eyelids, neck, hands  Face only
No adverse reactions  Risk of adverse reactions and side effects

The following treatment is available using CO2

Full face resurfacing, Madonna Eye Lift, Acne Scarring, Stretch Marks, Hands, Mole Removal, Mona Lisa Touch, Seborrheic keratosis (Full back or chest), Seborrheic keratosis (Face up to 5), Seborrheic keratosis (body up to 5), Skin tags,

* All our prices include antibiotic cream, full after care kit, check up

AREA  Single Treatment*  Additional Treatment
Consultation and patch test  £100  
Lower face resurfacing  £700 £550
Upper Lip only (smokers line)  £600 £450
Full face resurfacing  £1,200 £900
Acne Scarring  Enquire   
Madonna Eye Lift  £750 £600
Stretch Marks  Enquire   
Neck or décolletage  Enquire   
Hands  £700 £550
Nose (wide pores)  £550 £300
Monalisa Touch  Enquire   
Small area (scar)  Enquire   
Seborrheic keratosis (Full back or chest)  Enquire   
Seborrheic keratosis (Face up to 5)  Enquire   
Seborrheic keratosis (Body up to 5)  Enquire 

Some client need only one session.
Client with severe skin condition can benefit from a series of treatments.
During consultation our expert will discuss the best course of treatment(s)

, DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL

, DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL, DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL , DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL , DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL , DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL


Increasing the collagen and elasticity of the skin, (turn the clock back)


Most client would need only one session.

Client with severe skin condition can benefit from a series of treatments.
During consultation our expert will discuss the best course of treatment(s).


 Slight swelling and redness.

Swelling will calm down in a few hours and the redness up to 24 hours

You should expect to see the results of your treatment from a week onwards.


Including as part of your home care kit:-
Electric Body
Sunblock SPF30 or SPF50
Anti-biotic healing cream