, DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL

CoolPeel A new advance in CO2 laser treatment

This laser treatment offers the skin rejuvenation results of traditional laser resurfacing with significantly less discomfort and downtime.

It is new treatment that has virtually eliminated discomfort associated with fractional CO2 laser and reduced the downtime to as little as one day.


  • Low downtime (as little as 24 hours)
  • Minimal discomfort (topical anaesthesia typically not required)
  • Unique pulse shape emission selection via PSD (Pulse Shape Design) technology allows for tailoring of results and downtime
  • Ability to perform a broad range of treatments, including photodamage, scarring, pigmentation and deep wrinkles
  • Fast treatment
  • User-friendly adjustment of all parameters (power, dwell time, pulse and scanning mode)
  • Reliability and control with minimum thermal damage and optimal recovery time
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Ability to use in combination with other technologies such as micro-needling
  • No consumables; reduced operating cost

consultation £80 (refunded if start treatment)

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The CoolPeel laser treatment uses the Smartxide Punto laser, the latest and most advanced CO2 laser from a leading laser company, DEKA.

It is designed to deliver high peak power in extremely short pulses at low energy settings, offering an optimal level of ablation with minimal thermal damage.

The CoolPeel difference

A technology that can deliver energy in a very rapid way, that confines the heat to a small thermal zone and causes damage that’s easily repaired within a few hours .

A high peak power, low energy, a short pulse that delivers an ablative treatment with modest thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. ‘Controlled thermal damage means that downtime is minimised while impressive skin resurfacing results are delivered.

A full-face treatment can be performed in 5-10 minutes, with minimal discomfort to surrounding tissue which allows for faster recovery and downtime.

It uses much lower energy, but it’s achieving comparable results to other more aggressive treatments.

The other advantage is less pain and discomfort during treatment; most patients don’t need topical anaesthesia at all.’

, DEKA Smartxide COOL PEEL

Dermal remodelling via superficial wounding

CoolPeel’s H-mode delivers epidermal ablation to cause controlled thermal wounding just below the epidermis and into the superficial papillary dermis.

Versatility & Customisation

The laser offers ablative, fractionally-ablative and surgical modes, in addition to its unique high-peak-power, low-energy H-pulse CoolPeel mode.

Unique pulse-shape design and spray emission

The laser’s innovative “spray” emission operates in a random manner to produce a natural appearance to the skin immediately after treatment without the demarcation lines associated with traditional fractional resurfacing.

Combination Treatments

It canbe used as a powerful standalone treatment, but can also be combined with other modalities, such as RF micro needling. ‘RF micro needling combined with CoolPeel is an excellent treatment for skin laxity.